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Posted by: Steve Kimmel 5 months ago

Shown in the photo above is the Halloween artwork installation in Downtown Huntington. The Huntington Piddlers installed the pieces on Tuesday, October 10.

A special Halloween Art Exhibit has been installed in downtown Huntington this week. A total of six art panels have been designed by local artists and will be on display along the sidewalk at 429 N. Jefferson Street through Halloween.

Artists who worked on this project include the LaFontaine Arts Council, Rainn Miller, Pam Burris, JROTC and Bobby Blair, Julie Buzzard and Xandria Adkins. The Huntington Piddlers were responsible for the construction of the framework and installation.

The art project is part of the City of Huntington’s Demisemiseptcentennial Festivities and the inaugural year of Hauntington. For more information on the City’s 175th Anniversary activities, visit and for more details on Hauntington go to